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Presentation Multiplying the Knowledge Base: Stakeholder Involvement at Different Stages of CSR-Reports' Evaluation

Conference: EASY-ECO Budapest Conference 2009 "Stakeholder Perspectives in Evaluating Sustainable Development
18.10.09, Budapest (Hungary)

The presentation is based on an evaluation project that assesses the content and communicative quality of sustainability and CSR reports of Germany’s 150 largest companies. The set of evaluation criteria is revised and further developed on a regular basis. For the 2009 ranking cycle, we accomplished a major revision of the criteria that was accompanied by participatory approaches, integrating representatives from companies, industry associations and various stakeholder groups in the development process. A first revision of the criteria was presented in an online-forum. The presentation covers the experience of the online-forum and the suitability of online discussions in evaluation processes. Moreover, it examines the role of stakeholder integration throughout the whole ranking project.