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Co-operations and Memberships

The IÖW pursues the objective of interdisciplinary and practically relevant research. To achieve this objective, the institute is linked into various networks. It works together with partners from science and industry, local bodies and associations. In the field of sustainable regional development / local Agenda 21, the IÖW can look back on its experience in the initiation and moderation of such networks. In the course of various projects, we have brought local-bodies and regional players together at the table. We are closely involved in the following networks.

Organisation for Ecological Economic Research (VÖW)

Since its establishment, the IÖW has been closely associated with the Organisation for Ecological Economic Research (VÖW). This society is involved in the interdisciplinary exchange of ecologically interested people from the economic, social, natural and engineering sciences. Its approximately 300 members are active in research and teaching, politics and practice. They attempt to put theoretically developed solution approaches for sustainable economies into practice, and in this manner to structure a society that is fitter for the future. The members discuss their ideas and results via their own mailing list, in study groups and workshops, and at conferences on current ecological topics.

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Ecological Research Network (Ecornet)

The IÖW is a member of the Ecological Research Network (Ecornet). Seven pioneering institutes in sustainability research have joined together, forming a network of non-university, non-profit German research institutes focusing on environmental and sustainability research. Their common mission: to create a scientific foundation for the societal transformation to sustainability. The Ecornet institutes conduct applied research across the borders of scientific disciplines regarding ways to achieve a post-fossil and post-nuclear society.

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In addition, the IÖW is a member of the

  • Society of German Economic Research Institutes (ARGE)
  • German Network for Technology Assessment (NTA)
  • German Society for Evaluation (DeGEval)

and supports the environment initiative of entrepreneurs future.

International co-operation partners

Further selected partners with which it co-operates from time to time are: