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Local value-added and employment created by renewable energy

The IÖW offers the following services:

A detailed and complete analysis of valued-added and employment effects in a specific municipality or region usually requires considerable research and surveys, which is often not possible for local stakeholders. The institute helps municipalities, regions and federal states and also businesses to determine these effects by analysing the local situation, including surveys.

Our services in detail:

  • The IÖW can carry out a structured survey of the relevant information and apply the model to calculate value-added and employment effects for interested municipalities, regions and federal states and also businesses.
  • The IÖW has specific knowledge regarding the determination of potential for heat and electricity generation by RE in municipalities and regions.
  • The IÖW helps municipal and regional stakeholders to prepare energy and climate protection concepts and draw up municipal and regional energy and climate balance sheets.
  • As well as being used in consultancy services for municipalities, regions and federal states, the WeBEE model can be applied in research projects, in which the IÖW can participate if necessary.


Prof. Dr. Bernd Hirschl
Berlin Office

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