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Pioneering spirit and tradition – that is what the IÖW stands for. It takes a lot of experience to recognise what will be tomorrow’s topic. We have been dealing with the issues of the future for 30 years, coming up with constantly new and frequently unusual answers. Today we are working on topics such as sustainable corporate management, climate-friendly energy systems, new technologies and sustainable consumption. These topics are addressed at the IÖW in the so-called research fields.

The Institute is run by the the Scientific Director, Thomas Korbun and the Administrative Director Marion Wiegand. The IÖW board supports actively the strategic orientation of the institute. The Management also contains the Public Relations and Communications department and the editorial staff of the journal Ecological Economy.

The institute’s work is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board, which is made up of renowned scientists from economic and environmental research. A list of our shareholders can be found here.