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In good company

The support by and cooperation with different people as well as other institutions has always been an enrichment and usually also an honour for the IÖW in the last 20 years. In order to expand such cooperation even further, the IÖW started up a new project which the scientific managing director Thomas Korbun presented within the framework of the IÖW anniversary celebrations in 2005: the IÖW Fellowship.

Retired (yet active!) scientists, or researchers in the establishment phase who work in other institutions, can become Fellows of the IÖW. The IÖW is also extending its Fellowship programme to include scientists from abroad who are staying (or would like to stay) in Germany for a limited period of time. However, staff members of NGOs within the research sphere are also possible candidates. Fellows cooperate with scientists from an IÖW research field for a period of one to two years. During this period, they pursue common projects with the IÖW scientists.

Opportunities for cooperation

The cooperation in question may be related to the writing of a publication or the concept of a business event. What is also conceivable is a constructive yet critical accompaniment of individual main areas of the Institute and/or the joint development and definition of new main research areas at the IÖW. Fellows can contribute towards the quality assurance of the Institute. Fellowship projects are developed and defined individually. What is important is, on the one hand, a variety of common projects, and on the other hand continuity in cooperation.

The IÖW offers its Fellows a flexible link to an innovative and well-funded institute for applied sustainability research. On request, temporary work place can be provided in Berlin or in Heidelberg, as well as further organisational support, for example the costing and processing of projects funded by external public bodies. The Fellows and their projects are presented on the IÖW homepage, in the annual report and in the scientific journal ”Ökologisches Wirtschaften”

Becoming a Fellow

Anyone who has an idea for a joint project can apply to the IÖW with his/her proposal. Third parties may also be proposed.

Former Fellows

Jan-Peter Ferdinand | Berlin (IÖW-Fellow 2012-2016)
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Martin Paul Fritze | Köln (IÖW-Fellow 2016-2017)
Hans Haake | Berlin (IÖW-Fellow 2013-2015)
Dr. Helmut Hagemann | Berlin (IÖW-Fellow 2017-2021)
† Prof. Dr. Eckart Hildebrandt | Berlin (IÖW-Fellow 2009-2016)
Dr. Andrea Liesen | Berlin (IÖW-Fellow 2013-2017)
Dr. Jürgen Meyerhoff | Berlin (IÖW-Fellow 2010-2019)
† Dr. Birgit Soete | Berlin (IÖW-Fellow  2007-2015)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Sprenger | Sauerlach (IÖW-Fellow 2005-2011)
Dr. Gerd Stadermann | Freiburg (IÖW-Fellow 2012-2022)
Dr. Thomas Vogelpohl | Berlin (IÖW-Fellow 2015-2016)