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Presentation The Institutional Sustainability of Public-Private Governance Arrangements

Conference: Lund Conference on Earth System Governance - Towards a Just and Legitimate Earth System Governance: Addressing Inequalities
18.04.12 - 20.04.12, Lund, SE

Public-private arrangements are key among the new modes of governance for sustainable development. One example for this trend is the biofuels regulation of the European Union (EU), which relies on private certification schemes to prove the compliance with EU sustainability criteria. But can the tendency towards public-private arrangements in environmental governance itself be evaluated in terms of its sustainability? After introducing the concept of institutional sustainability, we analyze to what extent the public-private governance arrangements (PPGA) of the EU’s biofuels sustainability regulation is compatible with this concept. The results point to the particular challenges of designing PPGAs in order for them to live up to the requirements of institutional sustainability.