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Presentation The Massive Challenge of Hydrogen

Podcast Interview: My Energy 2050 Podcast
Event by: Professor Michael LaBelle, associate professor at Central European University

Hydrogen will be an important component of the low carbon transition of the energy system as well as throughout the whole economy. The German federal government has ambitious objectives in terms of developing a hydrogen economy. In conversation with Prof Michael LaBelle, Dr. Kern explains the potential of hydrogen but also talks about the difficulties of a quick roll-out as well as reasons why systemic transformations of energy systems are complex processes. Amongst the challenges are the slow roll-out of renewable electricity generation capacities, which would be urgently required for the production of green hydrogen in Germany. Another important issue is how to prevent that the hydrogen ambitions do not contribute to prolonging carbon lock-in. More generally, transitions of energy systems are difficult and long drawn out processes, because they don’t only require changes in technologies and infrastructures, but also in consumption patterns, cultural perceptions, regulations and business models. A core argument of Dr Kern’s contribution is to argue that in the short to medium term green hydrogen will be scarce and therefore it should be used in priority sectors which do not have alternative decarbonisation options (such as steel production).

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