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BlueGreenStreets Multifunctional planning of urban streetscapes and quarters

Urban green spaces and blue infrastructures are not only of great importance for the quality of life, but also for the microclimate of a city quarter. In growing cities, more and more green spots have to give way to buildings. As a result, the risk of flooding increases. The project BlueGreenStreets investigates and evaluates green urban infrastructures and urban water management with the aim of further developing planning instruments and designing resource-efficient urban neighbourhoods. The aim is to make streetscapes fit for the future and thus become multi-talents of urban quarters.

To increase the resource efficiency in growing quarters, tools are going to be developed and tested together with the relevant stakeholders in Berlin, Hamburg and Neuenhagen. Exemplary proposed solutions focusing on the integration of urban green into urban streetscape will ensure the transferability to other cities.

As part of the project, the IÖW will outline the costs and benefits of the elaborated streetscape concepts and will analyse them in an extended economical evaluation framework based on the concept of ecosystem services. The results will be provided for integration in a toolbox and for the presentation of the drafts.

IÖW Project Team