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Evaluation of EMAS and the Eco-label for their Revision (EVER)

Sustainable development is a global objective and the European Commission has a responsibility in playing a key role to promote sustainable development within the EU. In such context of growing environmental awareness the Commission identified, as a priority for action, the development of an environmental policy aiming at achieving sustainable production and consumption with tools such as EMAS and the Eco-label.

EVER is a study for an accurate evaluation of the voluntary instruments it has put in place (indeed, EMAS and the Eco-label). According to the regulations of these schemes, the Commission shall review them in the light of the experience gained during the years they’ve been effective.

EVER consists of a critical appraisal of EMAS and Eco-label roles in fostering sustainable development, and is to be considered as the starting point of the above mentioned revisional process (that is to take place in 2005 involving the Commission, the Parliament, the Council, Member States as well as other relevant stakeholders).

In other words, the study should accomplish the following tasks:

1. Assessing the contribution of EMAS/Ecolabel in changing production and consumption patterns, focusing on both the improvement of environmental performance brought on by the schemes, as well as on their so-called “indirect effects”

2. Identifying drivers and barriers to EMAS/Ecolabel effectiveness, namely those factors that encourage companies or prevent them from joining the schemes

3. Evaluating the role and targets of EMAS/Ecolabel in the sustainable development and competitiveness framework

IÖW Project Team

  • Kathrin Ankele
  • Dirk Scheer