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Ranking of German Sustainability and CSR Reports

The German Ranking of sustainability and CSR reporting continues the past rankings of environmental reporting in 1995, 1996, 1998 and 2000. The new ranking takes up the development of sustainability management and CSR as well as the change from environmental to sustainability and CSR reporting. The existing criteria of the past rankings of the ecological reports will be revised and extended by social and economic requirements. In particular the work of GRI, SustainAbility as well as the requirements of SRI-rating agencies are considered. Finally the evaluation of the reports will be based on a clear set of criteria.

The evaluation of the reports will be carried out by IOeW and future e.V. They will consider all available environmental, sustainability and CSR reports of the 100 largest German industry and service companies, as well as the reports of the 50 largest companies in trade, banking and insurance.

The ranking results will be published in a business magazine. They will be further presented in the Internet on our project website

IÖW Project Team

  • Jens Clausen