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Regional Usage of Groundwater in Climate Change

The goal of this project is to find workable solutions to cover the regional needs of water in the future, regarding to the aspect of climate change. Management strategies towards the regional water resources, the development of water catchment and the water consumption for the whole region will be considered and analysed. Together with the Regional Planning Association Vorpommern there will be initiate a developed network between all regional water players that should end up in a regular water forum. An analysis shows possible regional water usages underneath climate change conditions. Whereby the impact of the identified measures to water supply, water usage and ecosystem services will be evaluated. Based on that the direct costs für investments and maintenance charge will be calculated. Next to that the impact on the ecosystem service within the extended cost-benefit-analysis will be evaluated. Suggestions for a further development of the regional territory strategy "Security of the water supply and water management" will be worked out, based on the previous results and matched with the territory strategy of landscaper and specialists of planning. As a data basis for supported optimization on decision processes for water supply the results of the project will be helpful.

IÖW Project Team

  • Maria Lindow
  • Dr. Julian Sagebiel
  • Clara Wolff