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SPICOSA (Science and Policy Integration for Coastal System Assessment)

The overall objective of SPICOSA is to develop a self-evolving, holistic research approach for integrated assessment of Coastal Systems so that the best available scientific knowledge can be mobilized to support deliberative and decision-making processes aimed at improving the sustainability of Coastal Systems by implementing Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) policies. Based on a system approach, a multidisciplinary assessment framework will be developed with a balanced consideration of the Ecological, Social and Economic sectors (ESE) of Coastal Systems. This System Approach Framework (SAF) will be used to explore the dynamics of Coastal-Zone Systems and potential consequences of alternative policy scenarios. Achieving this objective requires a restructuring of the science needed to understand the interactions between complex natural and social systems at different spatial and temporal scales including the overall economic evaluation of alternative policies. IÖW is engaged in economic analysis and in the Oder Estuary case study.

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