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Strategic Dialogue on Growth Independence

The Growth Independence Strategy Dialogue builds on the results and experiences of the UBA project “Approaches to Resource Conservation in the Context of Post-Growth Concepts”. This project analyzed in particular the question of the relationship between the development of economic output and compliance with planetary boundaries. A key recommendation was that central social institutions should be designed to be as independent of growth as possible in future.

Against this background, the strategy dialogue aimed at discussing prospects for greater independence from growth with relevant federal ministries and to explore whether this approach can be developed as a basis for concrete political action. This explored the extent to which the topic is relevant for ongoing or planned processes, conceptual considerations or practical policy projects. For this purpose, the IÖW organized internal events and interviews. As a result, various approaches to growth independence were developed and thematically focused according to the addressees. This can serve to prepare future interdepartmental exchange processes.

IÖW Project Team