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Action Week “Energiewende plus” Fostering sufficiency-oriented lifestyles. A tool-box for energy cooperatives and climate protection organizations

Energy cooperatives and other climate protection organizations make an important contribution to the energy transition. They are driving the shift to renewable energies and a more efficient use of energy. But to achieve the goals of the energy transition and the climate targets, we need even more: a social change that makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption. Energy cooperatives and climate protection organizations can contribute to this change by communicating on the topics of sufficiency-oriented lifestyles and resource conservation and by encouraging their members to become active themselves.

In the EMUSE project (Energy Cooperatives as Multipliers for Energy Sufficiency), the action week »Energiewende plus – gemeinschaftlich den Wandel gestalten« was developed for this purpose. The action week is a structured event format that introduces citizens to the topic of sufficiency-oriented lifestyles, encourages them to reflect on their own energy and resource consumption and to get involved in society. Over the course of seven days, participants receive scientifically based and attractively presented inputs on the topics of consumption, time wealth and social engagement. Joint exchange formats can also promote community within the organization.

The action week was successfully carried out by several energy cooperatives as part of the research project and evaluated scientifically. In this toolbox, the materials as well as the concept behind the action week are prepared in such a way that other energy cooperatives and other actors can easily implement them and carry out their own action week.

The toolbox is divided into two parts:

  • A guide to implementing the action week. It contains step-by-step instructions for planning and preparing the action week and related events. Download (PDF, 13 MB)
  • A booklet for the participants of the action week. It contains information and small reflection tasks for each day of the action week. Download (PDF, 16 MB)

In addition, text and presentation templates for the preparation and implementation of the action week are available for download. Download (ZIP, 7,79 MB)

All documents can be used freely (CC-BY).