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Anwendungspotenziale nanotechnologiebasierter Materialien Analyse ökologischer, sozialer und rechtlicher Aspekte

Apart from other studies in the context of the TA – project “Nanotechnology” this study has been developed by the Institute for Ecological Economy Research on behalf of the Office for Technology Assessment with the German Bundestag (TAB). The study discusses mainly the fields environment and precaution.

For this purpose on the one hand possible environmental and health dangers are identified by nano-technological procedures and products, if necessary also adjustment concepts are pointed out. On the other hand the study focusses on a detailed view of two concrete applications of nanometre – scale materials used in order to examine and describe as concretely as possible exemplary substitution effects as well as ecological effects. For this purpose the exhaust gas catalyst and the Photovoltaik exemplify these ecological profiles of nanotechnological applications.