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Ecological Assessment of Energetic Restoration Measues

This text was published in the year book 2017 “Energy Efficiency in Buildings” by the publishing company Verlag und Medienservice Energie (VME). The contribution is based on the research project Building-Energy Transition conducted by the IÖW. Energy consumption by buildings has to decrease significantly in oder to achieve the climate protection goals while at the same time the share of renewable energies must increase. In the scope of the IÖW-project sustainable refurbishment measures were identified taking into account regional-economic factors as well as ecological effects. The text in the year book gives an overview on the procedure and measures assessed in the environmental assessment.
Moreover, it describes the ecological advantages and disadvantages of different heating systems and of severeal refurbishment measreus of the building envelope. Overall, combined measures are necessary in order to reach the climate protection goals and to minimize other environmental impact.