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Enabling Sustainable Consumption Making Better Use of Research Evidence in Policy-Making

The policy brief addresses policy-makers and policy consultants and demonstrates methods developed during the course of the EU-project CORPUS, which aimed to optimize the knowledge transfer between policy-makers and researchers in the field of sustainable consumption.

The brochure starts with a description of various barriers to the implementation of sustainable consumption. One important obstacle is that policy-makers regard the research on sustainable consumption as too complex and wide-ranging to process. Therefore, the policy brief advocates proper knowledge brokerage as a means to make better use of scientific evidence, amongst others to reduce uncertainties of policy decisions.

A knowledge brokerage system, as it was developed in the CORPUS project, may comprise online and offline elements. The brief introduces the two dimensions and gives practical advice on how to design interactive workshops aiming to connect science and policy and on how to use a web platform as a knowledge repository and a networking hub.

The policy brief available for download (PDF)