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Environmental governance in global value chains Environmental protection and quality assurance in the trade of tropical shrimp and leather goods

A large part of the commodities that are consumed in Europe is produced in developing and emerging countries. The production in these countries often causes severe environmental problems. For European retailers and importers this can lead to serious business risks, e.g. due to negative media coverage or legal sanctions. For this reason, many buyers try to control the production process and to ensure that their suppliers meet the growing demands on product quality and production practices. In order to investigate these processses, this research draws on global value chain and stakeholder approaches. On this basis, a concept of “environmental governance” is developed and empirically applied to case studies on trade in leather goods between India and Germany and on shrimp trade between Bangladesh and Germany. The central research question followed throughout this thesis investigates how and under which conditions importers implement environmental parameters within their value chains. 

Language of book: German