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Governance und Nachhaltigkeit Sondierung und Analyse beispielhafter sozial-ökologischer Steuerungsmuster

Governance and Sustainability can be seen as one of the most popular notions in current scientific, political and civil discourses. Current dynamisation and change of the economy, civil society and the environment has a considerable impact on contextual terms and conditions for social-ecological steering activities. At different levels traditional (poltitical) steering mechanisms show a lack of efficiency and effectiveness in order to cope with increasing complexities within human-nature relations. Against this background this report deals with different conceptualisations and dimensions of governance. On one hand the heuristic and reform strategic approach of governance will be dealt with. Further on, dimensions of governance, namely Corporate Governance, Governance as ‘Steuerung’, Multi-Level Governance and Global Governance will be analysed. Subsequently, characteristics of new environmental governance approaches will be highlighted. Focus is on analysis of goal- and outcome-oriented policy, new environmental policy instruments and co-operative and participatory policy patterns. Illustrations of exemplary subject areas such as the governance approach of Integrated Product Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility and Water Governance follow.