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IÖW Energy Prosumer Model Overview of the model, methodology and data basis

The Energy-Prosumer-Model is used to simulate energy flows within a household or a neighborhood. In this bottom-up simulation model, different generation, storage and/or consumption modules can be selected in a household or a neighborhood. The simulation can be applied in a number of different locations and years. The Energy-Prosumer-Model is particularly well suited for exploring technology options and operating scenarios with regard to self-consumption, self-sufficiency, power feed-in, and power purchase of electricity at the local level. Developed in 2010, the model has been continuously enhanced and extended with new functionalities for a variety of different use cases. 

This documentation reflects the current state of development and will be updated regularly. Hence, it can be understood as a “living document”. On the heating side, the underlying functions, assumptions, inputs and outputs of heating circuit, thermal storage, electric heater, condensing boiler, heat pump and solar thermal are described. On the electric side, the modules photovoltaic, wind turbine and battery are outlined. 

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