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Key figures for measuring environmental consciousness Feasibility Study

The present feasibility study „Key figures for measuring environmental consciousness“ addresses the question of what key figures can be used to measure environmental consciousness in a contemporary way. It describes the theoretical foundations, practical development and a first empirical assessment of a proposal for key figures for measuring environmental consciousness in Germany.
The 'pressure-state-response' heuristic developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) forms the conceptual basis. To further specify content-related and normative aspects, the study draws on basic models that currently characterise the environmental policy discourse: 'ecological modernisation' and 'socio-ecological transformation'.
For the empirical field test a (non-representative) sample of 450 people was surveyed online. The proposal for the overall 'environmental consciousness' index corresponds to the percentage of people who meet the defined criteria equally in all three subdivisions: 'pressure', 'state' and 'response'.