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Kompromisse des Teilens Nachhaltige Governance von Peer-to-Peer Sharing Praktiken

The impacts on sustainability of the internet-based sharing of goods between private individuals are complex and ambivalent. The great economic and environmental potentials of an intensified use of resources are countered by undesirable side effects of the peer-to-peer sharing activities on fair competition, consumer protection, user privacy, and other critical aspects of the common good. Given the specificities of regulating digital platforms, a smart regulatory framework is needed in order to fully realize the sustainability potential of private sharing. This work report discusses the advantages and disadvantages of different regulatory ap-proaches in regulating specific problems and delineates their limits for the sustainable governance of peer-to-peer sharing. The report concludes that alternative regulatory approaches such as self-regulation and co-regulation indeed have potential to enhance the sustainability of internet-based sharing, but rely on a govern-mental regulatory framework to fully realize it. Drawing on this knowledge, the article identifies innovative regulatory approaches and describes what a holistic governance framework promoting the positive sustaina-bility effects of internet-based sharing might look like.

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