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Local and Regional Governance für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung in der Region

Dynamic changes of the economy, environment and society strongly modify the conditions, capacities and activities to steer the spatial development. Combined with the model of sustainable development, deep changes occur in a political multi-level system, linked to the socio-ecological and steering systems. In view of this, the regulation competence, capacity and ability are arranged in new ways. The current sounding-study “Local und Regional Governance für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung” (Local and Regional Governance for a sustainable Development) dedicates to the local and regional structures who experience a strong revaluation. These activities are characterized by a new understanding of social development, cooperation and civil self-organisation as well as by new and modified models of communication and regulation. The study places special emphasis on search, descriptions and adaptation of applicable regulation and approaches for a practical support of transformation processes between actors and regions. In accordance with the international expert consultation carried out for the study, Governance presents itself as a supporting instrument for an integrative approach of a sustainable spatial development. Parallel to the examination of assets and potentials, the limits and risks of Governance will also be identified.