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Local Value Creation Quantification of Economic Factors of the Regional Use of Renewable Energies: Operational, Regional and Economic Perspectives

For a long time, the positive economic effects of the energy turnaround have received little attention in the public debate. This can be explained with insufficient information on the quantities of these effects. Data for investments and employment effects are presented in monitoring reports and scientific studies, but credible information for the macro-economic contribution of renewable energies to the economy on national or regional level was lacking. The same applied to the regional level, where a large number of actors are driving the energy transition.
Can renewable energies help to strengthen the regional economy? Can they evolve as sources of income for craft or agricultural businesses? Do they offer qualified and secure jobs? Can municipalities develop sources for their public budget?
The central insights of this doctoral thesis reveal positive regional economic effects of the use of renewable energies and outline basic conditions for a focused structuring of regional value chains. The compiled quantitative evaluations, as well as the recommendations for action, can support the practical implementation of the energy transition. They also offer approaches for further scientific studies to complete the economic evaluation of renewable energies and to provide economic arguments for the discussion of the expansion of renewable energies.