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Mit Nanotechnologie zur Nachhaltigkeit? Prospektive Technologiebewertung einer zukünftigen Schlüsseltechnologie


This paper refers to the recent standard of knowledge in our project dealing with the effects of the production and use of nanotechnologies on sustainability, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. It also considers the suggestions resulting from a workshop with several experts that took place on January 16th 2003 in Berlin. This current publication is rather meant to be a contribution to the ongoing discussion on the innovation and technology assessment of nanotechnologies than a concluding project report.

The articles are dealing with different aspects of the prospective technology assessment in the field of nanotechnology. The topics are: Guiding principle as a possibility for orientation and design of technologies; the “characterisation of technologies” as an generalizing approach to technology assessment as well as assessment concepts for actual nanotechnology applications. Additionally, there is given an overview of the state of the art concerning the effects of nanotechnology on security, environment and health as well as a contribution to toxicology of nanoparticles.

Mit Nanotechnologie zur Nachhaltigkeit?