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Nachhaltigkeitseffekte durch Herstellung und Anwendung nanotechnologischer Produkte

This paper illustrates the results of our project dealing with the effects of the production and use of nanotechnologies on sustainability, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. Furthermore it formulates calls for action for the further development of nanotechnology. The result of our research will be presented on the basis of a three-tier approach for the prospective evaluation and designs of nanotechnology.

The prospect oriented approach has its focus on the evaluation of nanotechnology and its effects via a characterisation of the technology as a generalising approach to technology assessment. In additional to that, the process evaluation approach tries to identify sustainability effects with tangible examples. It compares new with existing products and has its focus on ecological risks and benefits. Four case studies show possible ecological efficiency potentials, one case study deals representatively with the risk potentials of nanotechnological applications. Moreover formative approaches for a sustainable nanotechnology are formulated in a third focal point through mission statements.