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Qualification, professions and branches for the transition to a green economy – an inventory

Is it possible to identify sectors, which already make a contribution to a green economy? Which sectors are those? And what is characterizing the structure of occupations, qualifications and activities in these sectors? In the center of this report are the identification and analysis of sectors, which appear to play an important role for a transformation towards a green economy. Associated occupations and qualifications are also part of this research. Therefore a great amount of available data (VGR, MZ, BA-job advertisements) is considered. It becomes apparent that the transformation towards a green economy will change the demands on the employees within the sectors. It is possible to identify sectors, which are already in transformation, respectively contribute a great amount to green economy. Looking at occupations shows more differences between the identified sectors and the national economy and makes the analysis more selective. The presented stock-taking in this paper can serve as a monitoring. It is possible to actualize the data. This enables to monitor the development of the identified, involved sectors.

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