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ElectricityNeighbours: Technical-economic analysis for local power supply and sector coupling

Tenant power plants have the potential to involve the target group of tenants in the energy transition. At the same time, they offer enormous innovation potential on the consumption side and can be a building block for a flexible, future-proof electricity system. In this way, tenant electricity projects in combination with a district storage system can decouple generation and consumption in terms of time and thus provide ancillary services. In addition, there is great potential for sector coupling, for example through power-to-heat technologies or e-mobility.

In this report, different technology options are analyzed by simulating the power generation of the PV system and the consumption of the tenants. This shows that tenant electricity systems already have a very high self-consumption rate, even if they are only powered by solar power and do not use storage. The integration of further technologies could significantly increase self-consumption once again. From a technical point of view, the coupling shows advantages, but profitability calculations show that these plants are hardly operated economically. A slight improvement was achieved by the abolition of the “EEG-Umlage”, but in order to make the operation of tenant electricity plants more attractive, the framework conditions would have to be significantly improved again. This report provides recommendations for action and shows future prospects.

Download (PDF, 2.85 MB, in German)