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Was kostet ein Schnitzel wirklich? Ökologisch-ökonomischer Vergleich der konventionellen und der ökologischen Produktion von Schweinefleisch in Deutschland.

This study comprises an economic comparison of conventional and organic pig fattening in Germany, based on defined representative farms. Following the life cycle assessment (LCA) method we worked out in a first step ecological profiles for four representative farms in order to display the relevant environmental effects. Further differences between the two systems of pig fattening were investigated in a qualitative manner, same for the additional aspects important to social assessment. In a further step the most important environ­mental effects of the representative farms were validated by means of external costs. In order to state by the end realistic costs of a pork cutlet we merge the external costs with other costs and prices along the value creation chain. For this purpose we use the methodology for the economic assessment of ecological system comparisons developed by the IOEW. Finally we discuss the results. The study ends with a presentation of the political frame conditions concerning the agribusiness.


Was kostet ein Schnitzel wirklich?