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Presentation Municipalities - Between disposal and design of packaging: Starting Points from the "Innoredux" Project

Online-Forum: Virtuelles RENN.süd-Forum 2021 für Initiativen rund um nachhaltiges Leben
Event by: RENN.süd
27.03.21, online

The action of municipalities toward the reduction of the amount of plastic packaging is becoming increasingly important. In order to show possible measures for packaging reduction in municipalities, firstly, the problem of plastic waste and the complexity of packaging optimization is examined in detail using the examples of detergent, food, textiles and office supplies. Then, it is shown that municipalities can set certain incentives for companies to save packaging. These include, for example, the promotion of low-packaging product ranges and reusable systems. But packaging waste can also be reduced in the long term in public procurement, in kindergartens and schools and private households through educational work and the improvement of infrastructure.

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