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Presentation Urban Energy Infrastructure and Heat Transition – Statements and Hypotheses

Conference: Abschlusstagung Strategien für eine nachhaltige Energiewende
Event by: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, FONA
04.10.16 - 05.10.16, Berlin

An enormous share of CO2 emissions in the energy sector are caused by heating residential buildings and by hot water consumption. Thus, energy-saving measures in buildings are a key element of a successful Energiewende. However, long reinvestment cycles, the plurality of actors and regional differences between housing markets are great challenges to a transformation. The speech and the following discussion focused on the coupling of sectors and infrastrctures and its role for urban areas and the transformation of the heating sector. On the one hand there are power-to-heat potentials, on the other hand particularly district heating systems are very inert and challenging.

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