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Accompanying Scientific Research for Energiewendebauen Research Initiative – Digitization module

Digitization is leading to profound changes in many sectors and in modern societies as a whole. The transformation is in full swing and offers many open questions and design options that need to be researched systematically.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s funding priority ‘Energiewendebauen’ addresses such research questions in the field of heat supply for buildings. Exploiting efficiency potentials and integrating renewable energies in the heating sector is a central element of a successful energy transition.

The project “Knowledge platform for a sustainable digitization strategy ‘Energiewendebauen’” is the accompanying research of the digitization topic in this funding priority, which is dedicated to research projects with digitization aspects and the regulatory sandboxes of the energy transition.

The project summarises the results on the aspect of digitization and places them in the context of general developments in the field of information and communication technology. This will be supplemented by our own detailed analyses and cross-evaluations.

The processed results of the inidividual projects are published in a structured form on a ‘Energiewendebauen’ knowledge platform. This knowledge platform will highlight the digitization potential for buildings and neighbourhoods and improve the transfer into practice. It also serves as a tool to involve all research projects, regulatory sandboxes and relevant stakeholders in the work of the accompanying research.

IÖW Project Team