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Adaptive support device/textile with pressure controlled stiffness and integrated sensor technologies inspired by the human skin

The research project is funded by the Ministry of Research within the program Biona, which aims to support the development in biomimetic approaches. The project aims to develop an adaptive decubitus mattress for persons whose mobility is reduced. In contrast to conventional solutions, the mechatronical system with its pressure controlled stiffness and integretad sensor technology is able to stimulate the skin's blood flow actively and individually. The model for this technological development is the skin. The tasks of the IÖW are to guide the technological development by exploring the contexts of use of these systems as well as its institutional contexts (legal, incentives of use). With this the technological development of decubitus preventing system will be guided to achieve acceptance on the market. Furthermore it will be analysed to which extent the developed system might reduce costs for the healthcare system.

IÖW Project Team

  • Jan-Peter Ferdinand