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Current energy and climate policy framework conditions (international, EU, Germany)

The short study constitutes a contribution to the development of an energy and climate protection strategy for Vodafone. In the context of a background paper for the company Vodafone AG, the IÖW described the energy and climate policy framework conditions. The paper looked in detail at the following key topics: climate policy framework (international climate policy, EU climate policy, German climate policy) and energy policy framework (Energy Industry Act and EU liberalisation directives, excursus: price development and composition in the power sector, renewal of power plant park, climate protection instruments for environmentally friendly generation of energy). Particular attention was paid to the framework conditions for energy efficiency (EU policy on energy efficiency, national policy on enhancing energy efficiency inc. building energy efficiency, energy-efficient products, efficient industrial and commercial processes, excursus: energy efficiency in the field of information and communications technologies).

IÖW Project Team