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Negotiating change, shaping the just transition New structures for socio-ecological policy-making bridging state and civil society

Implementing a “Just Transition” is a complex task for society. The challenges are great: It is not just a matter of providing answers to the climate crisis, but of dealing with a multitude of crises that overlap or even reinforce each other. Policymakers in times of “polycrisis” find themselves in an incessant and, in view of the complexity of the situation, uncertain crisis mode. It is essential to develop new paths beyond “classic political governance“, while at the same time being responsive to actual developments and taking responsibility to shape the status quo in proactive ways.

In this project, we are investigating how inclusive social-ecological policy-making for a just transformation can succeed. With our analyses, we want to open up the possibility of critically discussing existing institutional arrangements and, where necessary, developing impulses for further development. The focus is on the central interface between organized civil society and state policy actors (especially the federal administration).

The project is transdisciplinary and characterized by a discursive approach. Thus, the knowledge as well as the practical experiences of experts from civil society interest organizations (trade unions, welfare, social and environmental associations as well as related umbrella organizations), political administration (federal ministries, federal offices), foundations and the policy-related sector will be included. We reflect current dynamics that have emerged since the change of government in Germany in 2021 as well as newly created institutional bodies and formats of participation and cooperation between politics, business and civil society. 

IÖW Project Team