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Developing effective and efficient product information schemes Assessing and expanding product information schemes between voluntary and mandatory approaches

The objectives of the research project are to analyse the conditions under which environmental product information schemes are an efficient and effective tool to achieve sustainable development; to assess previous experience with EPIS in different European countries and the relationship of these schemes with business strategies, Integrated Product Policy, and market conditions; to define strategies aimed at linking EPIS with other IPP measures; to explore how EPIS can be used for realising sustainable consumption patterns, creating green markets, fostering innovation and development of green product and services, and implementing multi-stakeholder initiatives.

The research process is divided into two major steps: First, past experience with EPIS in Europe with a special focus on Germany, Norway, Italy, and Spain will be analysed by reviewing the state-of-the art in the different countries and performing a number of case-studies in each country for selected market sectors. Second, operative and strategic proposals with respect to possible links of EPIS with other IPP tools will be elaborated mainly based on insights gained at workshops with relevant stakeholders.

IÖW Project Team