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Effects of self-consumption and grid parity of photovoltaic systems

Many actors in the photovoltaic (PV) industry often proclaim the forthcoming “grid parity” as an important moment in the market development of PV. However, the exact meaning of this terminus and its potential effects on consumer behavior and the electricity market are discussed very heterogeneous. Furthermore, current discussions ignore the cross-connection between grid parity and the achievable self-consumption rates of PV electricity. Hence, the project analyzes the influence of different factors on self-consumption and economic aspects using a simulation model with a high temporal resolution for PV electricity production and electricity consumption for typical households.  Different storage technologies are taken into account, supplemented by interviews with experts and market players, in order to estimate the effects of grid parity and of the current incentives for self-consumption within the German feed-in tariff system.

IÖW Project Team