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Futures and Visions: Forest 2100

Systematic preparation for the world of tomorrow would appear the most logical course of action.

Consequently, the project “Forest Futures 2100” wants to illuminate the horizon of expectable, possible and desirable future developments. In so doing, it faces major challenges: who would have thought about climate change, global markets, wood certification or tropical deforestation a hundred years ago?

The future of forests and land use is a social decision. In order to shape the future in a responsible manner, a broad debate must be conducted now. The project wants to contribute to this debate.

Underlying the project is an analysis of currently recognisable problem areas of relevance for the future and their potential for change. The precise analysis of these future areas reveals relevant development dynamics and forms the basis for further discussion in the area of visions for 2100.

Each future area is dealt with individually and the results summarised in basic papers. All eight basic papers are subsequently condensed into a trend report which constitutes the basis for the next project steps.

The following future areas are studied:


  • globalisation and international markets
  • climate change
  • demographic development
  •  prospects for wood use as a source of energy
  • recycling and new technologies
  • competition for space
  •  work culture and region
  • social and cultural change

IÖW Project Team