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Internet-Based Value-Added Calculator for Energy-Saving Building Refurbishment

The economic effects of energy efficiency measures and especially those of energy-saving building refurbishment are barely mentioned in regional energy concepts. In view of this fact the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety assigned a research project to calculate these economic effects. This project revealed specific value-added and employment effects for the energy-saving building refurbishment measures for single- and multi-family houses as well as for office buildings. A specific preparation of these findings for the target audience of manufacturers and architects did not follow until today. The internet-based calculator shall enable municipalities and other interested parties to estimate the economic effects of energy-saving building refurbishments for their municipalities or regions.

The project is funded by the National Climate Protection Initiative (funding number 03KF0033A). For further infomation see webpages of BMBU and PTJ.

IÖW Project Team