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„Mieterstrom“ – Obstacles and Potentials

Based on the study “Mieterstrom: Legal Classification, Forms of Organisation, Potentials and Economic Efficiency of Tenant-run Electricity Models” commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the IÖW-study “Mieterstrom: Hindernisse und Potenziale” (Electricity for Tenants: Obstacles and Potentials) at hand re-calculated the potentials, assuming improved framework conditions.
For example, the researchers assumed the exemption from the supplier obligation for tenant power plants with a capacity of up to 10 kWp, an initial subsidy for the installation of metering and billing systems or the provision of information and advice for communities of owners.
The results show that due to these changes “Mieterstrom” could be used significantly more often and that respectively more tenants could profit from affordable green power. The improved framework conditions further generate a potential of 570.000 buildings. Assuming the installation of plants with an electric power of 10 kWp, this implies an additionally installed power of 5.700 MWp and an additional generation of electricity of 5,4 Mio. MWh, which is equivalent to an increase of about 55 per cent compared to the Ministry’s study.

IÖW Project Team