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Mobilizing Endogenous Potentials for Structural Change – Decarbonisation in a Lignite Mining Region DecarbLau

How can a lignite phase-out be proactively accompanied in a structurally weak region and potentials for endogenous development opened up? This question will be investigated in the research project using Lusatia as an example. Within the scope of this project, the IÖW and the Chair of Management of Regional Energy Supply Structures at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg investigate endogenous development potentials in the area of the energy transition industry and the associated regional economic effects in Lusatia. For this, the existing structures and competencies of the energy transition industry in the region, the potentials in the various areas of energy transition (electricity, heat, integrated energy and efficiency) and the associated value-added and employment potentials in Lusatia will be analyzed. This is done on the basis of selected value chains and defined scenarios for a future development in tapping the potentials. At the same time, measures and instruments for tapping the endogenous energy transformation potential with the highest possible regional economic effects are derived. This intends to demonstrate the economic perspective that a transformation towards an energy transition region can offer for Lusatia.

IÖW Project Team