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Energy transition in Lusatia – regional economic effects of relevant technologies Scenarios for the development of renewable energies and energetic building renovation as well as value creation and employment effects with a high participation

The main result of this study is that Lusatia, as an energy transition and structural change region, still has high expansion potential for photovoltaic and wind energy systems. In 2040, electricity production from wind turbines could reach four times the current level. In the case of photovoltaic systems, around seven to eight times the current level is possible. Only in the area of biomass has the expansion potential already been largely exhausted. A material use of biomass, on the other hand, can be further expanded. The building sector can also contribute to achieving climate neutrality. If the renovation rate is significantly increased to 3.3 % per year by 2040, the required heating energy can be reduced by around 60 %.

At the same time, these energy transition scenarios are evaluated with regard to their regional economic opportunities for Lusatia. In an ambitious climate neutrality scenario, around 450 million euros in regional added value can be generated in 2040 and around 3,560 full-time jobs can be filled. In order for this to succeed, however, the citizens and municipalities must first be given the opportunity to participate more financially through appropriate framework conditions at federal and state level. We see the involvement of the population and the municipalities, including financial ones, as a critical success factor in order to be able to provide the necessary space, initiate investments and ultimately contribute to local acceptance.