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Potential Applications of Nanotechnology based materialsPart 2: Analysis of the ecologic, social and legal aspects Teilgebiet 2: Analyse ökologischer, sozialer und rechtlicher Aspekte

The Project "Potential Applications of Nanotechnology based materials, Part 2: Analysis of the ecologic, social and legal aspects" is commissioned by the TAB (Office of Technology Assessment at the German Parliament). The aim of the project is to estimate the environmental impacts of nanotechnology (opportunities and risks). Additionally, the existing regulations on environmental and health questions are evaluated.Based on a general analysis of the status quo discussions about environmental impacts of nanotechnology we will carry out two studies on specific applications in order to generate ecological profiles. In case studies we examine nanotechnological applications in automotive catalysts and in photovoltaics.In addition we will investigate the existing regulations on nanotechnology. We will evaluate, if precautionary concepts are applied. If necessary, we will deduce political recommendations.

IÖW Project Team