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Sustainable Consumption as building block of an Integrated Product Policy (IPP) - Development of Guidelines for co-operations of stakeholders Entwicklung von Handlungsempfehlungen für Akteurskooperationen

Sustainable development means an improvement of the environmental features of products and services and an environmental orientation of consumer behavious. Governmental measures alone are not sufficient to reach this objective; in addition, initiatives from the civil society have to be stimulated and supported. Herewith, markets for eco-efficient products could be crearted, innovative marketing strategies developped and successful information campaigns initiated.Thesis of the project is that innovative co-operations could create framework conditions and incentives for sustainable consumption. In the context of an Integrated Product Policy (IPP) this means production and marketing of eco-efficient products and services, environmental benign application of products and a waste minimised disposal. Objective is to develop guidelines for co-operation of stakeholders which could support sustainable consumption in the context of IPP- Exemplary the areas of "Sport/Leisure" and "Building/Dwelling" will be axamined

IÖW Project Team