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Doing business differently in Berlin How transformative organizations strive for a social and ecological metropolis

Alternative ways of doing business are an essential part of Berlin's socio-economic landscape. With their (business) practices and forms of organization, these alternative enterprises contribute in varying degrees to a social and ecological transformation of the capital. In light of the long tradition of economic alternatives and current activities in Berlin, the broad diversity of alternative business practices is now being examined in order to provide a richer picture of their social missions, alternative organizational practices, and specific needs.

This report of the project “Alternative Economic Practices in and for Berlin” can be seen as one step towards this goal. The project team spoke with practitioners, politicians and administrators, and scientists, organized workshops, and reviewed other work over the course of a year and a half.

The results cover four main areas: The first part focuses on our understanding of alternative economic activity and its societal relevance. The second part highlights the characteristics and practices of five alternative businesses and initiatives from Berlin. These case studies then allow us to sketch the transformative potential – especially for Berlin. The last part addresses the needs of alternative businesses and sketches out how they could receive suitable support.

Download (PDF, 1.03 MB, in German)