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Assessment of recyclable textiles during usage Results of user-survey and survey of textile-providers during the DiTex-practise tests

Discarded commercial textiles like working and bed clothes for hotel business have been disposed so fare. Are circular strategies – via recyclable fibres – possible? This was tested in the research project “DiTex – Digital Technologies as Enabler of a Resource-efficient Circular Economy: Pilot Test in the B2B Textile Industry“ tested the feasibility of circular strategies in the field of corporate wear and B2B-textiles. Three circular product designs (polo shirt, police shirt and bed linen) were developed in a cooperative design process. 

The designs were produced, used under actual conditions in wear and use trials of several months, cared for by textile service providers and recycled. Textile testing, life cycle assessments and an empirical survey among users using the textiles accompanied the process. This document contains especially the results of the user’s survey. In addition, it evaluates the data and experiences of the involved textile service providers which were responsible for delivery, pick-up and care of the textiles during the use trials.