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Cost-effective measures to reduce nutrient emissions from wastewater treatment plants in the Odra river basin

This publication, which has been produced as a work package in the course of the project “ICZM-Oder – Research for an Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Odra Estuary”, presents the findings of a cost-effectiveness analysis of different scenarios for further reductions in nutrient emissions from urban water management. The survey area is the catchment area of the Odra River and the tributaries to the Odra Estuary, which has been in a eutrophic state for several decades. The starting point for the scenario calculations is 2015, at which point it is assumed the relevant EU directives concerning water pollution control will have been implemented. The results are presented as annual marginal and avoidance costs for the respective measures. Overall, the results show that there is still significant potential for reductions with respect to phosphorous and nitrogen emissions in the Odra catchment area. The study facilitates the identification of the most cost effective solutions to reach particular reduction targets.