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The German Climate Preparedness Portal Development of a service to support the adaptation to climate change (KlimAdapt) by extending the knowledge base, specification and implementation support

The German Climate Preparedness Portal [Deutsche Klimavorsorgeportal (KLiVO Portal)] is the federal government’s central public offering on climate adaptation and information services. It provides access to quality-assured and free services from federal agencies, federal state authorities and from third-party providers with state support that are aimed at the federal level, the federal states, districts and local authorities, civil society, and business. The content of climate adaptation services is produced by KlimAdapt, climate information services by “Deutscher Klimadienst”. The KLiVO Portal is supported by the KlimAdapt-provider-user network. 

The report summarizes the results, findings, and scientific backgrounds to KlimAdapt and the German Climate Preparedness Portal (KLiVO Portal). These include the results of a survey of the portal’s target groups on usage requirements, the presentation of the KlimAdapt network work, and the results of an evaluation of the networking and findings gathered while setting up and operating the KLiVO Portal. Moreover, the report makes recommendations for the further development of the Portal and states the potentials of climate adaptation services and other areas where further research is needed. It also refers to success factors in the development, implementation and evaluation of new and user-friendly climate adaptation services.

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