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Building an alliance for CDR Making corporate digital responsibility a task for the entire economy

As drivers of digitalization, companies have a great responsibility for the future of the digital society. The concept of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) provides an answer to this. However, it is often understood in a limited way and is still hardly widespread in the German economy. This is where the impulse paper comes in: It explains the extent to which CDR is still in its infancy and why CDR has not been widely used to date. It also argues for a comprehensive understanding of CDR, as set out in the IÖW study on CDR (Lautermann, Frick 2023).

Five recommendations explain what needs to be done to launch a multi-stakeholder alliance to promote CDR. This invites stakeholders and networks from business, politics, academia and civil society to form an alliance for CDR in order to further develop and disseminate corporate social responsibility in the context of digitalization.