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Floating PV systems: Impacts on species, habitats and landscape (and approaches to avoidance) Sub-project 1: Development of an investigation concept for the nature conservation impacts of floating PV systems in still waters

In recent years, the installation of floating photovoltaic systems has increased in Germany. The partial coverage of lakes with these systems changes the light and wind conditions, among other things, which in turn can have an impact on aquatic flora and fauna. This report contains important technical foundations for subsequent practical investigations, which will be carried out in a second part of the research project.

The main objectives were to analyze the national and international literature on the nature conservation impacts of floating PV systems and to develop a multi-year study concept to identify and evaluate the impacts on nature conservation and landscape management issues. In addition to abiotic parameters such as general chemical-physical conditions and water stratification, the relevant species groups such as macrozoobenthos, birds, amphibians, dragonflies, macrophytes, etc. were also taken into account. The concept also proposes methods for determining the effects on the landscape, measuring potential material impairments and recording the effects of technical plant components.

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